Services and Pricing

Owned pets:

Dog spay  $200 (additional $100dls if obese, or over 80lbs)

Dog neuter $150 (additional $100 dls if obese or over 80lbs)

Cat spay $70

Cat neuter $70

Rescue groups **501c3 status**

Dog spay  $150 (additional $150dls if obese, or over 90lbs)
Dog neuter $120
Cat spay $50
Cat neuter $50

Feral cats: spay or neuter  $45

Dental cleanings :  $250 (teeth extractions have an additional charge of $100 per tooth). If extractions are needed, pain medication and antibiotics will be required. The price of these depends on body weight and can range from $30-$200.

Other surgeries

- tumor removals: starting at $250-300 for single masses. Price will vary depending on size and location.
- laceration repairs: starting at $250-depending on severity up to $1000.
- ear hematoma repair surgery: $350 per ear
- entropion correction: $250 per eye
- cherry eye surgery: $300 per eye - Free of charge in the event that a second surgery is needed. 
- eye removal (enucleation): dog $600/ cat $500
- umbilical hernia repair: $75
- gastropexy (with spay) for large breeds:  $300
- splenectomy (removal of spleen): $ 1000
- cystotomy (bladder stones): $800-1000
- dewclaw removal (puppies only): $50 each
- toe amputations: starting at $350
- emergency pyometra (infected uterus): $600 dog, $350 cat

- perineal urethrostomy (for recurring urinary blockages in cats): $1000

- perineal hernia: $800

Ask about other surgeries not listed.

Prices subject to change. 

Updated December 17th 2018.